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We strive to prepare our children as respectable, responsible, caring, and knowledgeable long-life learning children. We encourage success leading to self-reliance and economic, social, and political contributions to society. We believe children who know their African heritage have unlimited potential; they can flourish and bring about a brighter world if appropriately nourished.


Our Team



Eli Holt Jr.

AA in Culinary Arts



My goal here at ShaModd and Me is to implement healthy eating habits starting in youth. Getting children introduced to a plethora of natural fruits and vegetables and letting them know that it is okay to eat them is the number 1 goal.  


MS KOURT_edited.jpg


Kourtney Burchfield, B.S and Child Development Associate (CDA)


Assistant Director


PreSchool (Advanced)

I graduated from THE best HBCU in Missouri, Lincoln University of Missouri, with a Bachelor's in Journalism (emphasis in editing/writing) with a minor in English. My purpose here at ShaModd and Me is to prepare children for kindergarten and aid them in shooting for the stars. I am very education-driven, which means your child will learn advanced learning skills outside of their age group. 



Kim George-Holt, B.S, M.S, and

Child Developent Associate (CDA)

I started this business because my nephew passed away from Sickle Cell Anemia disease at 9, and I wanted to bring awareness to early detection. The other reason was adolescent suicide and crime among children under 15. I believe there was a lack of Black History and Culture taught in the community and schools. Children need to know who they are, where they come from, and why.

I wanted to provide an exclusive environment for infants to 6 years old while providing them education in their most formative years about the history and culture of all people of color and the emphasis on African ancestry in teaching and learning.

Studies have shown that from infants to five years old, a child’s brain develops more than any other period in a child’s life, and I want to capture that.

I have been in the childcare industry for over 10 years. I love seeing how the children development over the years. 


Assistant Director and PreK Teacher


Tyria Washington-Baker

Child Development Associate (CDA)



ShaModd and Me Daycare and Learning Center, LLC employees thorough Missouri State Licensing requirements to provide excellent care for our families. Our employees have been screened and registered through the Family Care Safety Registry as childcare workers, are registered with a national fingerprint database, are CPR and First Aid certified, and continue their growth with ongoing classes in the childcare field


Background screenings access information from the following agencies:

Federal and Missouri State criminal history information on file

Federal and Missouri State Sex Offender Registry information on file

Federal and Missouri State Child Abuse/Neglect information on file


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